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"I retired from Kemet Electric with 25 years of service due to upcoming lay-offs. I was referred to Felicia Douglas because I was not sure what to do since I was forced into retirement. I felt that I wasn't in a position to retire. Ms. Douglas helped me to put my money in a retirement plan than that gave me a peace of mind. I am able to live off of my money comfortably and able to sleep at night knowing my money is safe." -Minnie Harris


"I retired from Mitsibishi with 30 years of service. I like things in my life to be straight forward and simple. After talking to Felicia, I decided to put my money in a safe retirement vehicle with the economy the way it is right now. She took the time to explain the pros and cons of each decision I had to make, then she advised me the best route for my family and I."--Jack Zeager

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